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Alaska, 7/95http://youtu.be/79i02Gs-M5Q
Alaska, 55th Anniversary, 6/13http://youtu.be/lTyJALxHWhY
Aruba,  4/13http://youtu.be/o_hT0HzBN9s
Atlantic Canada, 8/05http://youtu.be/zDQCbkjJfKg
Australia, New Zealand, 
Fiji, 10/02http://youtu.be/xRPtV_cbgvk
Baltics:  Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, & Helsinki, Finland, 7/11http://youtu.be/yDHPrn8w3rQ
Barbados, 11/03http://youtu.be/rZH_4Wi0j_I
Bermuda, 3 trips, ’58, ’83, ’09http://youtu.be/f56qy_0omR0
Biltmore Estate, Ashville, N.C., 4/03http://youtu.be/6nKpeq5fTb8
British Virgin Islands, 2/98http://youtu.be/FDW1BJsDla8
England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Ireland, 8/14http://youtu.be/Fwcio0u2i2Y
Canyons of Utah, 4/07http://youtu.be/X4AaGN_pl2s
Gettysburg, 3/04http://youtu.be/xCIML8iHmFE
Greece, Greek Islands, & Turkey, 6/06http://youtu.be/XR-jjLyn98c
Caribbean Cruises,  2 trips, 6/02,1/03http://youtu.be/8tI_hL7Px0w
Iceland, 7/11http://youtu.be/f0tY7w3ZFNo
Civil War in Washington, D.C., 5/11http://youtu.be/RICGobPi6cY
Ireland, 8/04http://youtu.be/9AQMtjs0oQE
Italian Lakes: Garda, Maggori, Como, 5/10http://youtu.be/e5ZH9wbiqs0
Italy from the Amalfi Coast to Venice, 9/07http://youtu.be/GsorUu5zeFk
Hawaii: Kauai - 50 th Anniversary, 6/08http://youtu.be/7bUeMO5jv9M
Lewis & Clark Trail & Oregon Coast , 9/99http://youtu.be/HFMXShJ16-g
Prague, Danube River, Vienna, 4/05http://youtu.be/RlWglg6KsAw
Rhine River & Passion Play, 7/10http://youtu.be/AzsFOYQNFUU
Russia:  St. Petersburg & Moscow, 7/11http://youtu.be/dHNA0PuhTjY
Scandinavia:  Sweden, Denmark & Norway, 7/03http://youtu.be/Q3WIF2_j0Zo
Scotland, England, & Wales, 8/04http://youtu.be/zxPNt0MoQPM
Disney World, Behind the Magic, 3/09http://youtu.be/f0IJCbKzH_g
Sea of Cortés & Copper Canyon, 12/07http://youtu.be/0cxwcYjSZkU
Taos, Santa Fe, & Los Alamos, N.M. , 8/02http://youtu.be/EOJsxJezKWY
Trips (3), U.S. in 1986http://youtu.be/YPf1ip27uuI
Trips (3), US & Canada in 1987http://youtu.be/RsRP7xxKqsA
Tucson, Ariz., 4/89http://youtu.be/PzFKOI2FXzA
West Indies Cruise, 2/12http://youtu.be/2cQkMXK5TdM
Western Caribbean: Grand Cayman, Mexico, Belize, 1/06http://youtu.be/u3wvxhCht7Q
Yellowstone, Nat. Pk. & Jackson Hole, Wyo., 8/88http://youtu.be/SBBygCzqN1c

If you have any problems, email me at <dr.water @ alum.mit.edu>

Hawaii:  Oahu, Maui, & Kaua’i, 7/88http://youtu.be/4rXgLgpSz38
European Trips (6), ’66-’96http://youtu.be/-A_031kdRfI
Hawaiian Flowers, 7/88http://youtu.be/wQynYokXDCU
Panama Canal & Costa Rica, 3/99http://youtu.be/YXdFFMucgaU








G (Cont.)




Georgia Barrier Islands, 3/03http://youtu.be/RNgPvJpOhD0
Masters Practice Rounds (2), 4/05 & 4/11http://youtu.be/aWf6PAWmwQQ
Monaco, French Riviera, Spain , 6/09http://youtu.be/HGaKyj6x9wo
Miami Beach Art Deco, 1/13http://youtu.be/8g5imZSmQoc
Mt. Rushmore & The Badlands, 8/06http://youtu.be/nVcqTLXdp-M
9/11 Mem. NYC, Erie Canal, Quebec City, Montreal, 9/12http://youtu.be/Pl48hyekfv4


Normandy (D-Day), Paris, Nice,  9/08http://youtu.be/jHqHnvmti9w





Washington D.C. Monuments, 4/10http://youtu.be/xta0ItA2h9E




Hawaii: Molokai &
Hawaii (Big Island), 7/90http://youtu.be/8J7k-WkS48c
Victoria, Vancouver, &
The Canadian Rockies, 6/92http://youtu.be/Chd80RUtUEE
Hawaii: Maui, Oahu, 7/93http://youtu.be/AwT0IvV1v2g
Yosemite N. P., Hearst Castle, Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Nat. Pks., 5/06http://youtu.be/FU11_gyJ48g